Jane Doe



I only saw her once walking down the street,


her suit was dangerously tight and neat,


she could hardly breath.


Neither could I.


I felt hit in my belly


my bones became jelly.


It felt like to die.




I have no clue


how to find


her, but it's true.


She's on my mind


and so I'm kind


of blue.




If I saw her again,


I'd act like a man,


would say: hello,


you dream of my life, let's go


to have a drink – and become my wife.




I have no clue


how to find


her, but it's true.


She's on my mind


and so I'm kind


of blue.









No one educated me but life.


And now I'm standing here


infront of you, your maybe-future-wife,


pregnant with your child


- and I'm still wild.




You try to teach me cooking


but I'm not attentive, I keep on looking


out of the windows and see


a thousand possibilities to flee.




I know, I carry your child


- but I'm still wild.




I'm not an idiot, I know it's worth to give it a try.


But every silent moment I fly


with the clouds far over the sea


- because I'm still me.




I know, I carry our child


- but I'm still wild.






The fee



I use to be a winner in society.


But to be there a winner


seems to me more like a sinner.


That's for success the fee.




My empathy was drowned


when I got crowned


by holding office in policy.


But when I look in the mirror – it's not me.




I'm a winner


but I know I'm a sinner


and I pay the fee.




One day fate will reveal


what I keep under seal.


They say I'm a winner


but I know I'm a sinner.


Maybe, one day, I'll heal.









No one is playing on my playground


though it's so neat and clean.


No one wants to swing,


to rollercoast or bring


his basket to my sandbox in the green.




Of course not every shark


may enter my sweet park.


But what are all these flowers for,


if no one's coming to adore.


I offer all for free.


I do want company.


It's only just for fun


and then we're done.




Marriage is not my aim,


I really do not like to claim.


So, if you know a boy


who's looking for a toy,


send him to me and we'll have joy.





Inspired by Grey's Anatomy



When the dancer


got bone-cancer


he decided himself for surgery and amputation.


And by the cut of his leg he cut off each relation


in his life to music and dance.


He had no other chance.




First, in his wheel-chair, he felt pathetic,


then, using his prosthesis, he started to be a writer


his lyrics were poetic,


his life got brighter.


He got famous like he had never been with dance.


Finally he understood: the cancer had been his chance.



...and Dagmar has created another  nine songs, if you are interested,

just ask us.



copyright July 2016 by Pavalache





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